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Long Term Official Development

LTOD will inspire and empower all match officials to reach their personal goals by providing a standards base education and development program through strong leadership, inclusivity, and a clearly defined structure. Governed and administrated by Ontario Soccer.


LTOD Pratical Session Handbook

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The LTOD Pratical Session Handbook was developed and created by Ontario Soccer to help develop referees to their full potential. The handbook includes warm-up exercises and practical training sessions to help you improve your game. Below are a few videos made by Ontario Soccer to help demonstrate the sessions.

Match Official Fitness Program

This plan has been developed by FIFA certified fitness instructor Kuizan Weeks

Being fit is a requirement in the modern game. No longer are the days when the referee can officiate the game in and around the centre circle.

The objective of this training program is to offer Match Officials a structured approach to increase their muscular strength, muscular endurance, cardiorespiratory fitness, flexibility and explosive power.

This will help with both the beep test and the FIFA Hi Intensity Test as well as match fitness for the upcoming season.